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HQHG-302 TiO2 based Sulphur Recovery catalyst
HQHG-302 is a newly developed sulfur recovery catalyst whose main active component is TiO2, and several special agents are added into it to further richen its function. HQHG-302 has reached the world advanced level in physic-chemical properties as well as catalytic activity; meantime, its average crushing strength and stability, heat stability, hydro-heat stability and abrasion are superior to those of the imported catalysts. The commercial test result has proved that the Claus activity and CS2 hydrolysis of HQHG-302 are obviously superior to the imported catalysts.
The main advantages of HQHG-302 are as follows:
1.Owing to high activity of COS and CS2 hydrolysis and Claus conversion almost reaching the thermodynamic equilibrium level, therefore HQHG-302 is one of the best sulfur recovery catalysts.
2.It is not sensitive to the trace O2 in acid gas and there is no sulfation poisoning to it.
3.Because HQHG-302 only needs 3s of contact time and can be used in the 1200h-1 GHSV, the reactor volume can be reduced and at the condition of same contact time, the acid gas loading can be improved greatly.
4.HQHG-302 is especially applicable to cope with lean acid gas and Claus tail gas.
Based on above high properties of HQHG-302, we recommend using HQHG-302 in the 1st converter to promote COS and CS2 to be hydrolyzed completely, and to use it in the 2nd and 3rd converters to improve Claus conversion.
the main technical index:
Appearance white extrudate
Specific surface area, m2/g
crushing strength, N/granule
Bulk density, g/ml
Pore volume, ml/g
Wear ration,%(m/m)
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